“It’s dangerous to bandy about the G word. You start using it too much and it loses it’s power. That’s why I’m so reticent. However – and you knew however was coming… I’ve got to apply it in the case of Rich Friedman.”

Peter Himmelman, Recording artist, film and television Composer, Author


Walking The Bible                              

“Richard and I had an exceptional, terrific collaboration on PBS ‘S miniseries “Walking the Bible”  based on Bruce Feiler’s New york Times bestselling book.  The miniseries has been one of PBS’s  most  highly-rated shows. The final epic score wasn’t only the result of Friedman’s  many polished skills or unique talent, but also  Richard’s  technological know-how;   making computer- generated music come alive by giving it an emotionally human as well as larger- than- life epic cinematic sensibility.  His  extensive academic training also  enabled  him to shift effortlessly between many different music styles – a crucial factor in painting an historically accurate picture of the development of the three Abrahamic faiths from the archaeological sites of the Middle East . The music on this project was so outstanding that we  submitted Richard Friedman’s score for Emmy consideration.  I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the very near future.”

Ash Hasen,  Lead Editor,  Walking The Bible, PBS, Executive Producer: Blue Pyramid Productions


 A Dog of Flanders
“Despite time and budgetary constraints, Richard delivered a brilliant period score that added a new dimension to the classic Belgian tale…..In my career as president of Paramount Pictures, CEO of MGM Studios, and as an independent producer, I have been privileged to work with the best in the industry: John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and James Horner, to name a few.
In my opinion it is simply a matter of time before Richard Friedman’s name and reputation will travel in the company of these exceptional film composers”.

Frank Yablans, producer of A Dog of Flanders  Warner Bros.

“A Dog of Flanders was a lovely inexplicably little film and one of the principal glories was Richard Friedman’s wonderful score. Had the movie gotten a fraction of the attention it deserved, then  Mr. Friedman’s  fresh touching endlessly inventive music might have gotten the Oscar attention it deserved.”
Jim Svejda, Nationally Syndicated Film Critic, KUSC , Los Angeles Classical Music Programming Director

“A Dog of Flanders” will move the adults in the audience too….It’s “Old Yeller” and the “Count of Monte Cristo” combined……and the music nicely supports the story. I especially liked composer Richard Friedman’s reworking of Mozart’s Horn Concertos…..

Barbara Shulgasser, Film Critic, The Chicago Tribune