Super Bowl 2019 Promo

Skylanders Academy Official Trailer

General Mills Commercial 2017 Star Wars Color-Changing Spoons

Verizon: Colorful Balls

Hometown Hero – Sochi 2014 Olympics

A Dog of Flanders Suite

Steven Spielberg Interactive Director’s Chair (Credits)

Enter The Sandbox

Dreamworks “Monsters vs. Aliens” trailer (music start 58 sec)

Up Trailer

Thomas & Friends Trailer


2014 Commercial for EA Sports (vocalist-Carl Graves)

Pepsi Penguin

Soldier in Art: Arthur Szyk Documentary

Music Catalogue with Universal Music Publishing

Jamming on Guitar Software at Vir2

To Our Fallen – NBC News

Music Production Track from Extreme Music – Glass Houses (first 50 secs)

Doctoral Study on Beethoven