Richard_Headshot_SmallRichard Friedman is a Los Angeles-based film and television composer known for dramatic and majestic orchestral scores. Hollywood studios have invested
deeply in recent years to enhance their film trailer campaigns with Richard’s music. Directors and producers Frank Yablans, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino and many others have used Richard’s music in scores for their projects, in work featuring actors Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Hugh Jackman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Cheech Marin and John Voight to name a few. His success as a keyboard studio musician and arranger has made him an in-demand performance demo artist for prominent sampled software and synthesizer companies as well.

Originally taught piano by his mother at age four, his formal training in the classics included New York’s High School of Music and Art, the Fontainebleau Conservatoire, France, and a PhD in Music History and Theory from Boston University.

Richard Friedman’s education and instinctual talent have enabled him to create music in every style ranging from classical, jazz, to contemporary. His prolific rich-sounding music for film, TV, movie trailers, music production libraries and commercials has been licensed worldwide and can be heard every day around the globe.